OEM Service


Welcome to CHINA SOLAR LTD. We could provides the latest solar technologies directly to our customers. We offer a complete line of renewable energy products that exceed the highest quality standards in the industry. Offer you with best OEM service, including super quality products as well as long- period technical support.


CHINA SOLAR LTD provides OEM service to our global customers, which will greatly save your time and cost. With a professional Research & Develop team, we can provide suitable products according your requirements.


CHINA SOLAR LTD can manufacture any of customized small solar panels are from 0.01Wp to 20Wp which made from mini solar panel. All sizes, current,voltage and appearance customized by clients are available.


Welcome all kinds of OEM projects and custom-designs. Please contact us: oem@solars-china.com.


OEM Process

Step 1: OEM consultation: Please tell us your demand or send your drawing to us, and we will feedback in 24 hours.
Step 2: Design: Our OEM team will work with you to design and engineer a customized platform that will meet your needs.
Step 3: Prototype: After the specifications are approved, We will begin prototyping the solar panels with your exact specifications. Once the solar panel specifications have been confirm by client, China Solar Ltd will create of manufacturing process.
Step 4: Into the production process.
Step 5: Our client will get custom solar panels.


FAQ for Custom Shaped Solar Panels


Does the efficiency drop when the panels are cut?

► No, we use standard monocrystalline silicon and Flexible Solar Panel like the ones usually offered in consumer electronics or roof top applications. The electrical properties and efficiencies are the same as if the solar module was uncut.


I have an idea for a solar product, but don't know where to start, would you help me?

► Yes! We provide complete OEM and ODM services. We offers engineering and design services to make any project a reality. Please contact us: oem@solars-china.com